8 Most Effective Belly Fat Workout for Significant Result

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EVERYONE wants toned and flat stomach because it is almost everything of a look. But the reality strikes because getting such stomach is not an easy thing to do. The best belly fat workout is a must. It cannot be ignored.

So, when it comes to the most effective workout, the choices are actually varying. It can be crunch, walking, running and other exercises.

Crunching alone is not enough though because it is still important to target other core muscles including upper thighs, hips, and lower back for more defined abs.

According to the experts, it is necessary to do a series of exercise targeting core stabilization. This kind of exercise helps to train the muscles to stabilize both the pelvis and the spine.

As a result, it helps to improve the posture and avoid back pain. And, it also burns more calories compared to crunches since it works more muscles at the same time.

belly fat workout
side plank (from workouttrends.com)

Best Belly Fat Workout You Could Do

Below are 8 most effective belly fat workouts you can do for significant result.

1. Side Plank, the challenging exercise

Side plank is certainly a familiar exercise for you, right? Well, this is a kind of challenging exercise indeed compared to traditional plank since it relies only on two points instead of four to support the entire body weight.

So, it requires you to work the core harder in order to stay stabilized. To do this, you should start by lying on the left side with elbow that is directly positioned beneath the shoulder. Stack your legs and place the right hand on left shoulder.

Then, continue by bracing the abs and lifting the hips off the floor. Keep this position until you can balance on the feet and forearm to form diagonal line. Make sure to hold in this position for 40 seconds. Repeat it several times.

2. Walkout from Pushup Position

pushup position

Here is the next recommended belly fat workout. This particular exercise requires you to engage in full-body movement as it uses both the legs and arms. At the same time, it incorporates resistance in order to strengthen entire core.

To do this, start with pushup position. Your hands should be two inches wider than shoulders. Then, walk both of your hands out far and walk back.

To make it harder, you can lift one of your legs before walking the hands out and back. Do at least 10 repetitions at a time.

3. Alligator Drag

alligator drugHave you ever done the alligator drag? Well, the name definitely sounds challenging. It is an abs exercise using the entire core in order to stabilize your body and burn any additional calorie at the same time.

It is done by mixing the strength training, cardio and stability exercise for fast result.

To do this great exercise, the first thing to do is to find enough space with at least 20 yards width. Then, start with push position. Your feet should b eon the towels, plates or slides.

Walk forward with both hands to your runway’s end. You should aim for 10 yards at least. Then, rest for 90 minutes before you repeat this exercise.

4. Core Exercise

Core Exercise

You assumed it right if core exercise gives you great result. In this case, the recommended core exercises include yoga and Pilates.

To practice this exercise, you should start with moving from the waist. Make sure that your movement always happens from the bottom rib to the up whenever you make twist. Keep the hips still during this stage.

Then, tighten up from one of the hip bones to another. And, exhale deeply and thoroughly to help protect the lower back and strengthen the abs.

5. New Crunch

new crunch exercise

Have you ever tried the new type of crunch? Well, you should then. This particular exercise is created by David Barton. To do this, you have to start by sitting in certain position to allow the upper torso and thighs forming V shape.

The lower legs should be crossed and lifted. Grab 5 pounds of dumbbell and hold it between both hands. Then, swivel right to left and back while bringing the dumbbell across your body.

During this exercise, you should maintain the V shape. Do at least 45 repetitions per exercise.

6. Teaser

teaser exercise

Teaser is another recommended belly fat workout. It is actually an advanced move in Pilates. This exercise requires you to lie on the back with your feet lifted and knees bent to ninety degrees angles.

As you inhale, tighten the abs and lift your arms up and back several times over your head. Then, continue by exhaling, straightening the legs in order to form V shape and swinging the arms forward.

You can also put your hands on floor in case you need some support. End this exercise by slowly rolling down, bending your knees and bringing your arms overhead. You should do at least 20 repetitions.

7. Donkey Kickbacks

donkey kicbacks

This exercise may not be too familiar for some people but it is actually an effective exercise to practice. It is even said as killer move because it literally torches the calories. It requires you to kneel on all fours and tuck the toes under while keeping the back neutral.

Then, continue by drawing the belly in toward the spine. Lift both of your knees every time you contract the abs. The knees should be 2 inches above the ground. To keep the abs engaged, bring your right knee to the nose.

Kick the right leg behind and then squeeze the butt. To protect the back, your hips should face the ground and the lower abs contracted.

8. Advanced Leg Crunches

Best Belly Fat Workout

Here is the last recommended belly fat workout. It is an effective exercise that will get you the ready-for-swimsuit body right before the summer. To start this exercise, you have to lie on the back and your knees should be bent.

There should be 3-pound dumbbell positioned between the feet. As you form this position, your hands should be placed beneath the sitting bones with palms down. Keep concentrating on lower abs.

Bring the knees is toward the chess by using the lower abs. At the same time, lift the head, hips and shoulders slightly. Repeat it 20 times per exercise. Thank for your visit here.