How to Choose the Best Cardio Machine for Weight Loss?

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MOST of the beginners who walk into the gym will usually think that they have to burn the calories as efficiently as possible. Then they will look at the cardio equipment there and think “Which one is the best cardio machine for weight loss?”

Little did they know that the numbers on the machines should not be trusted. The manufacturers will usually exaggerate the number of calories their machines can burn in order to make the products seem very effective.

Some Cardio Machines for Weight Loss that Effective to Burn Your Calories

In this article, we will discuss the most common cardio equipment and how effective they are to burn your calories.

1. Best Cardio Machine: Stationary Bike

It is written that this machine can burn 500-1000 calories per hour. In burning that significant amount of calories, you will have to use your quadriceps muscles to make at least 85 rotations per minute using this equipment.

2. Treadmill for Weight Loss

The machine is claimed to effectively burn 600-1200 of your calories per hour since it allows all of your body to move and work out. There are three options that you can choose between working out using a treadmill and others to burn your calories. They are:


treadmill for weight loss

a. Jogging

Your calories will be burnt significantly if you run in a steady yet challenging pace.

b. Walking uphill

For some people, trudging up a steep incline is very effective to burn their fat. This activity is quite physically demanding and train your legs well. However, it is important to remember not to hold onto the railing, since it can take the weight off of your legs, and the workout will not be as beneficial as it should be.

c. Sprinting

Giving the bursts of your maximum effort, then taking a short period of recovery afterwards is claimed to be the best way of burning the calories so far.

The sprinting activity can stimulate the body’s fat burning hormones. If you want a more challenging work out, you can try uphill sprinting.

3. Elliptical Trainer: choose a high resistance

It is claimed that the elliptical trainer machine can burn 600-800 calories per hour. However, the estimated number of the calorie burn is highly unreliable, since the user can easily cheat on the machine.

It is important for you to choose a high resistance on your elliptical machine, otherwise, you will only waste your time working out because the inertia of all the moving parts of the elliptical machine will make it really easy for you to keep going once the machine moves.

In the case of burning fat using elliptical machines, choosing a high resistance is much more effective than having a fast pace.

Some Mistakes when Using the Cardio Machines

There is no best cardio machine for weight loss without your own effort. As has been mentioned before, you cannot just trust the amount of calories burned being displayed on the cardio machines you are using.

The calories that you can actually burn by using any kinds of equipments, highly depend on your exertion level.

However, it is believed that running, rowing and other full body exercises can be more effective to burn a significant amount of calories rather than any isolated activities like cycling.

It is also important to remember that you should not do any common mistakes that people usually do when they are training using certain cardio machines. Doing some mistakes in working out will not give you a maximum result of training.

Cardio machines are created in order to help you burn quite significant calories in a short period of time.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who use the machines incorrectly, causing the decrease number of the calorie burnt. Therefore, it is important for you to pay attention to how the machines should be used.

1. Mistake when Using Treadmill

Form mistake

People sometimes do too much up and bounce down. You should keep your head to remain steady while you are running. If you do not, your joints will be easily tired soon. In order to smooth out the stride, you should improve your flexibility.

You can hold the handle bar and swing your leg smoothly while standing on the other leg. It will help you to keep your upper body steady and to loosen your legs.

Workout mistake

A too long, flat and steady run will not help you to effectively burn calories. You are suggested to try running shorter yet harder and create some intervals by varying the speeds and inclines.

For example, you can begin your workout with a two percent incline, and get some sessions of working out up to ten percent.

2. Mistake when Using Stationary Bike

Best Cardio Machine for Weight Loss

Form mistake

Setting either too low or high seat will not be effective to burn your calories. A low seat will make your legs and knees tired too soon. A high seat will make your hips move from side to side, and that makes the workout inefficient.

Therefore, it is essential to wisely adjust your seat. Sitting in the right position and placing your heel right in the middle of the bike’s pedal are the best way to exercise using the stationary bike machine.

In this position, your foot will move to the correct position of the pedal, and you will have the sufficient amount of bend.

Workout mistake

While riding this machine, people tend to cruise instead of charging. The best way to burn your calories using this machine is by varying the intensity, for example by having two or three minutes of pedaling in a high intensity and taking two or three minutes of recovery afterwards.

This cycle can be repeated for fifteen minutes. Or, you can also stand when you are pushing the pedals. Standing demands your muscles to work harder by supporting and maintaining your body balance instead of just pushing the pedals.

3. Mistake when Using Elliptical Trainer

Form mistake

Your work out will not be effective if you put too little resistance on it. Instead of pushing the steps using the strength of their muscles, most people let the momentum to do the work.

You should correctly set the resistance so that you will be able to feel the pushing sensation and to literary work out rather than just easily sleeping around.

Workout mistake

Easy to get bored is not a good behavior when you are working out. To fix this, you can give some intervals. The cycles will demand you to have a more demanding intensity of muscle working for a certain period of time.

You can try 2 minute burst and have some minutes to recover afterwards. As your level of fitness increases, you can gradually reduce the recovery time after the blasts.

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