Four Best Exercises to Lose Weight – The Additional Tips

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DO you have a problem with your weight? If the answer is yes, this may be very useful for you. As we know, having a body which is overweight, must be annoying. We can’t do some things which are actually can be done easily.

We know that feeling, that must be so annoying. And the result is, you want to lose your weight. However, you may have no idea how to lose your weight properly.

So, to help you do exercise properly, here we are going to share you the best exercise to lose weight. Besides, it will make your body become healthier as well.

In nowadays, there are so many exercises which you can choose as your weight loss program. When we talk about the exercise, it means that what we are going to do is related to the body move.

Here, if you want to lose your weight faster, you must do the exercises properly. Not only that, when your workouts are efficient, the calories which will be burned perfectly.

Even though some exercises look tiring, the calories which are burned are not as much as its look. So, instead of releasing calories in your body, you only release your sweat.

4 Best Exercises to Lose Weight You Should Choose

Here, we are going to share you some exercises which are considered can release the much calories in your body. You can choose what exercise which is suitable for you below.

1. The Jumping Rope


best exercise to lose weight

This great fat burner, will release the calories in your body perfectly. If you want to lose your weight quickly, you can try this method. This simple exercise, is able to burn 1074 calories in your body per hour. What a simple method.

According to the Science Daily, this kind of exercise is more effective than go jogging. When you go jogging in eight minute mile, the amount of calories which is burned, is equivalent with ten minutes of jumping rope.

Not only that, if you do this exercise, your agility and quickness will be improved as well. In addition, you will increase the bone density and boost your brain cognitive function.

2. Taekwondo

Have you ever heard about this sport? Yup, the taekwondo is a martial art which comes from eastern – or Korea. Moreover, this sport has become the national sport of a country – which is called South Korea. The use of foot is accentuated in this kind of exercise.

In nowadays, there are more than 70 million of people in this world who practice this sport. Even though it only seems to do physical activities, the taekwondo is able to improve your concentration, your combat philosophy, and even self defense.

So, this exercise will not only lose your weight, but it also improves your strength and stamina. The calories which are burned are 937 calories per hour. In addition, children will have a body control and motor skills if they do taekwondo.

3. Tabata Training

This kind of exercise may still strange for you. Yet, if you know the Tabata training, you will realize that this Tabata will be able to be the best exercise to lose weight for you.

If you haven’t known before, the Tabata training is a combination between the CrossFir and the circuit training. In common, there are three types of Tabata training which you can choose.

These are sprinting and ropes Tabata, the body weight Tabata, and the dumbbel Tabata.

Here, you only need 20 seconds to do Tabata training – at first. In addition, after doing Tabata training, you should take a rest for 10 seconds, then you must take 8 times of repetition. You can add the time scale if you think that you can do a harder way.

4. Vigorous Swimming

If you are a person who like playing water, this vigorous swimming may be suitable for you. This exercise may be underestimated because it seems effortless and can release sweat. However, swimming is able to burn 892 calories per hour.

The moves of swimming are considered to have similarity with aerobic exercise. Yet, it burns more calories than aerobic. Not only that, swimming is good for children who want to improve their height.

There is a thing which becomes an obstacle before doing this kind of exercise. What is it? You need a swimming pool.

On the other hand, there are some good things that you have to know if you choose this exercise for weight loss.

You can improve your muscle strength and definition, build up the bone mass, reduce the inflammation, improve the exercise-induced asthma, lower your depression and stress, make you smarter.

In addition, you don’t need to face the problem like knees damage or ankles damage in this kind of exercise.

Is there Any Tip about Losing Weight?

Yes, there are some tips which you can try. Actually, these tips are the things which you should do along with doing exercises.

The tips that we are going to share, are the things which are related to your habit. So, if you want to make exercise for weight loss perfectly, it is better for you to do these tips as well.

  1. Drink enough water


Drink enough water

You need to drink enough water to recharge your body fluids. Here, the water that you have to avoid the beverages which have high calories. Besides, water has no calories, carbohydrates, and sodium.

Which means, it becomes the perfect beverage which is suitable for those who want to lose their weight. Not only that, water can also help you flush out the bad materials in your body.

  1. Eat more veggies

If you think that you eat less veggies, now you have to increase the amount. Here, you have to remove the foods which have high carbohydrate, with the foods which have low carbohydrate.

Besides, you have to eat the foods which contain high good fat and grain. In addition, determine the menu of your breakfast with healthy foods as well.

  1. Take enough rest

When you get enough sleep, your body metabolism will be slower. And, you may feel hungrier when you are awake. The weird fact is, a research – from University of Pennsylvania – has found that the sleep deprivation can make weight gain.

The point is, you must take enough sleep even though you choose the best exercise to lose weight.

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