Best Fat Burner for Women: Supplements and Exercise Combined

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When it comes to the best fat burner for women, supplements alone are not enough. Exercises are still considered core entities. Somehow, the relationship between supplements and exercises are inseparable, only if the woman wants to have the most significant result.

Fortunately, world has more than enough options of both supplements and exercises for burning fat. This way, it is no longer difficult to shed more pounds and have more ideal body within only weeks.

Throughout the process, motivation should always present because there are times when you do not feel like to do it. Motivation will get rid of this feeling to keep you moving forward toward your goal.

Even 5 minutes exercise should not be passed because every little thing counts.

The right exercises for burning fat are important. Some exercises may leave the muscles and lungs burning but the right exercises can build balanced and functional body strength.

In other words, instead of practicing random exercises, plan the right exercises for more significant result and lower side impacts. During the workout, interval exchange is necessary as it helps to burn more calories.

So, let’s start with taking exercises and continue with taking the best supplements at once.

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Exercise as Best Fat Burner for Women

The exercise number 1: marching glute bridge

It requires you to lying with your face up, the feet flat on floor and knees bent. Then, continue by raising the hips until you form straight line from your shoulders to your knees.

And, lift the right knee and pull it toward the chess. Hold in this position for three seconds before you repeat it using the left leg.

The exercise number 2: inverted shoulder press

It requires you to place the hands on floor and raise the hips until you can feel that your torso is positioned perpendicular to the ground.

Then, continue by bending the elbows lower the body and stop when you feel that your head can almost touch the ground. Pause for several seconds before you repeat this exercise.

The exercise number 3: alternating switch lunge

It requires you to step the right leg forward with both knees bent to lower until you achieve lunge position. Then, return to standing by pressing through the right heel.

Make sure to keep the foot lifted before you step the right foot back immediately and lower again into lunge position. Return to standing by pressing through the left heel.

The exercise number 4: skater hops

Like the name suggest, it requires you to start the exercise by standing on left foot with right foot slightly above the ground and left knee bent slightly.

Then, continue by jumping to the right before landing on right foot and bringing the left foot above the ground slightly. Repeat this exercise several times.

rotating extension rotating extension (from

The exercise number 5: rotating T extension

It should be started with pushup position. Make sure to keep the arms straight with the core engaged. Then, use left arm to shift the weight while rotating the torso to the right.

At the same time, raise the right arm to form the T position and hold in this position for several seconds. Repeat it several times.

Supplements as Best Fat Burner for Woman

Now that you have been informed with the best exercises for fat burner, choose the right fat burner supplements for more significant results. Fortunately, there are more than enough choices of supplements available on the market.

Three of them have been proven to be very useful and you can find out the reasons on the quick review below.

Instant Knockout is the first fat burner supplement on the list. It is considered powerful and effective to increase the energy, curb hunger craving and kick start the metabolism.

The great thing is it uses 100% natural ingredients. By increasing the explosive power and the energy, it allows you to train longer and harder. It burning away all the stubborn fat cells, it can tone and shape your physique.


green tea

By curbing the food craving, it makes your dieting a lot easier. Among the natural ingredients are:

  1. Green Tea Extract which is a simple yet powerful ingredient providing antioxidant to for metabolism stimulation.
  2. Cayenne Pepper which is a powdered spicy pepper to raise the body temperature and burn calories
  3. Glucomannan as a form of dietary fiber that swells the stomach so it can reduce the hunger craving to make you feel full longer; natural fat burning ingredients that include vitamin B6,B12m caffeine anhydrous, piperine, zinc, green coffee bean and chromium.

Transparent Labs Stim Free is the next best fat burner supplement for women. It is designed to be safe, powerful and effective fat burner that is stimulant free using the science-based formulate.

At the same time, it can also enhance the metabolic support. It uses great ingredients including Acetyl L-Carnitine which is a form of amino acid to aid the fat metabolizing and energy support increase.

Forskolin to stimulate the fatty acids release from the stubborn fat; the 5-HTP to increase metabolism, reduce appetite and also prevent the carbohydrate intake; Rhodiola Rose to reduce the mental and physical stress impact that is associated with weight loss and dieting.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen makes the third most recommended fat burner supplement for woman. It combines great ingredients including powerful sustained-release ingredients to give the body the right tools to shed fat much faster.

It works to increase thermogenesis, increase metabolism, lose stubborn fat, give more energy, increase mental focus, increase muscle tone and much more.

It is manufactured using the best ingredients including Green Coffee Blend to increase metabolism and shed more weight; Caffeine Anhydrous to increase the metabolic rate and provide more energy.

Coleus Extract to increase the positive caffeine effect; and natural extracts and herbs including guayusa, ophiopogon extract, yohimbe and blue skullcap to boost the weight loss potential.

With those great ingredients, belly fat burning and muscle toning is a much easier thing to do. That are some supplements as best fat burner for woman. You could choose one of them to keep you healthy.

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