Best Weight Loss Pills for Women, Men and Athletes

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To try to lose weight, you may try to eat less junk food, reduce snacks, reduce sweet foods, reduce eating at night, and things you have done. But your body does not go down. Indeed, the ideal body weight requires a long process and not instant.

If today our bodies are fat and we want to lose weight to be like most people, then we will not be able to get it in just a few days or a week. Everything requires a hard process and effort.

You should be diligent in exercising and maintaining your diet, reducing fatty foods and eating regularly. Suppose you eat three times a day, always try at the same hour. Exercise you do not need to be too extreme, but do exercise regularly every day.

Having the ideal weight is the dream of many people. However, this will be difficult if our bodies are too fat and very difficult to lower it. People who have a fat body would be difficult to be able to exercise like a person who has a slim body.

In addition, obese people are also usually difficult to control his appetite. Obesity can lead to obesity and various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and some other diseases.

Therefore, we must immediately find the right way to lose weight. Basically there are many things that can be done to reduce weight and make our body ideal.

For example implementing a vegetarian lifestyle, exercise regularly, and reduce snacks. But it takes time and compliance for a long time. In addition there are also pills to lose weight, but you should not carelessly take the pill.

You should pay attention to the contents of the pill and should consult your doctor. The doctor will look at your constipation and suggest the best weight loss pills for women, men and athletes.

Here below you will get more information about weight loss pills.

Use the Best Weight Loss Pills Temporary

best weight loss pills for women

best weight loss pills for women

Weight loss pills are a type of drug that contains certain ingredients to help regulate diet and nutrient absorption of food. The purpose of weight loss pills is as a weight loss by preventing the growth of fat or suppress growth.

Usually doctors will recommend this pill in patients who have been obese or BMI more than 30. In general, patients who are obese will also experience some vital organs in the body, so doctors usually provide solutions to lose weight with these pills if the patient has no contraindications to the drug.

However, the use of these drugs fully get direct supervision from the doctor and usually only temporary such as taking the drug in just a few weeks.

Everyone would want to have a slim and healthy body, especially in the abdomen. Bumpy, difficult to move, until it is often thought that being pregnant must have experienced by you who have a distended stomach due to excess weight.

Not to mention, there are various health problems like diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, and some cancers. When wanting to lose weight, maybe not a few people glanced fast way by taking slimming abdominal medicine such as consume weight loss pills.

Before you go along with swallow slimming drug, it’s good to find out and pay attention to some related things. Why? Consuming abdominal slimming drug allegedly can affect the condition of the heart.

These drugs often contain stimulants that help you become more alert, not appetite, and speed up your metabolism. As a result, abdominal slimming drugs can increase heart rate.

Even heartbeats become irregular in people susceptible to heart rhythm disturbances, such as atrial fibrillation.

The Best Weight Loss Pills for Women: Orlistat

Diet pills or weight loss pills that are sold freely (over-the-counter medicine) or prescribed by doctors are available with different ingredients and effects. Before buying or consuming, make sure the drug is listed in BPOM and note the name of the contents listed on the pill pack.

Orlistat, this type of drug has a way of working to reduce the levels of fat absorbed by the body. However there are some side effects caused by this weight loss pills.

Some of the side effects that usually occur are weight back up if a healthy lifestyle such as exercise is not applied, stomach cramps, exhaust gas, more frequent bowel movements and make the body difficult to absorb vitamins A, D, E, K in some time.

Orlistat side effects are generally mild and temporary. Pills with these ingredients can be used in the long term, but should be consumed after patients undergo a low-fat diet. Users of this drug are also advised to take vitamin A, D, E and K supplements.

This is the best weight loss pills for women but make sure that you consume this drug under the supervision of a doctor.

The Best Weight Loss Pills for Men: Chitosan


Chitosan is a diet pill that is useful to inhibit the absorption of fat in the body. However, this pill has several side effects including nausea, gas, constipation, abdominal pain. Chitosan is taken from the outer shell of the shell, so it can lead to allergies.

The risk in breastfeeding and pregnant women is unknown. So better avoid the consumption of chitosan in this period. These drugs are commonly used as part of the treatment of renal failure, periodontitis, and recovery after plastic surgery.

This drug is the best weight loss pills for men but not good if consumed by women (especially pregnant women).

The Best Weight Loss Pills for Athletes: Suprenza or Adipex-P

The good weight loss pill used for athletes is Suprenza or Adipex-P (phentermine). Weight loss pills serve as a decrease in appetite in people who have a BMI is more than normal (obesity).

But many of the side effects produced by this drug, such as insomnia or difficulty sleeping and the rise in blood pressure that has the potential to cause hypertension. This drug is not recommended for consumption in the long term because it is dangerous and can cause dependence.

So if you are an athlete who wants to lose weight, you may be able to take this drug for some time (not for long periods). You can consult a doctor first before taking this drug so as not to get unwanted effects. This is the best weight loss pills for athletes but only for temporary use.

Based on the text above you can know the best weight loss pills for women, men and athletes. Diet pills are useful but should be on doctor’s supervision and used temporarily so as not to cause dependence and complications.

Next you have to adjust your diet and exercise to lose weight and have the ideal body. Good luck!

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