Easy and Fun Outdoor Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

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EXERCISES to lose belly fat are various from the simple one up to the hard one. The result is also various depending on what kind of exercises you take. This information is trying to give more information that simple exercises can lose belly fat.

It will be good information for busy people who have limited time to do exercise but they want to get ideal belly shape and size. Here is the list of the fastest way to lose belly fat you need to try right away.


This cardio exercise is a good option for those who love to do simple exercise. In fact, you don’t need to prepare anything complicated except comfortable walking shoes.

The interesting part is that walking is not only the way to lose belly fat but also fat on your entire body. This is the reason why walking is included on the diet plan. What you have to do is very simple and everyone can do it!

Just walk around 30 minutes up to 45 minutes a day or at least 4 or 5 days a week. The secret is that walking can increase your metabolism as well as your heart rate.

The better your metabolism, the more calories you can burn. This is including losing belly fat around your stomach.

The best part is that you can do a low risk exercise but it works to get your ideal weight or belly shape back. Don’t wait any longer and try to do this exercise to lose belly fat now!


Running is also one of the fastest way to lose belly fat. You can combine those two exercises to get maximal result and to prevent boredom. The idea of this exercise is the same, increasing the level of heart rate.

The different is on the speed. Running can increase your heart rate faster than walking. Definitely, this exercise can burn calories faster than walking. Based on the research, your body can burn up to 600 calories per hour running.

The faster the running speed, you can burn more calories. Even, you can burn up to 1.000 calories per hour. So, you might try this exercise and after a few weeks you can feel the result especially when you see your belly.

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

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One more exercise which considered as an exercise to lose belly fat is jogging. It is a little bit different than running. Running is using high speed whereas jogging is using low speed.

For those who don’t really like to do weightlifting, you can change it to jogging. In fact, jogging can burn fat effectively than weightlifting. This is the reason why people with obesity problem are suggested to jogging regularly.

It is one of aerobic exercises which can fight against fat maximally and along with low risk. Jogging is also a good option for healthy people to keep fit.


Sometimes, you should add something fun in your exercise. If you want to do it, just try cycling. Just prepare a proper bicycle and all the items and start to ride your bicycle.

Cycling is also considered as cardio exercise which can burn calories and fat. Definitely, in a few months you can burn your belly fat and get your ideal belly back.

It is also the way to increase your heart rate level because it helps the fat burning process. The fun part is that you can also do it while enjoying the surrounding.

You may stop to your favorite places and get rest for awhile there. To keep this habit, you may start considering bike to work, school, and anywhere you want.


Do you like to play with water? If it is so, just take swimming as the way to lose your disturbing belly fat. This is considered as a cardio exercise which doesn’t make you sweats.

Just imagine, by swimming you can lose your weight slowly including fat around your belly. At the same time, swimming keeps your body fit. The movement or swimming style you choose determine the level of calories you can burn.

So, how many times you should swim for losing belly fat? For beginners, you can start to swim once or twice a week. After swimming a few months you can feel and see your belly.

There will be something change there. It looks flat and your body is more comfortable than before.

Bending Side to Side

If you think that a simple exercise is an exercise without any kind of property, it means you should try bending side to side. This simple exercise can really make your belly flat with less fat.

You just need to stand and keep your hands on the sides. Just make sure that your legs grounded.

Now, you can start to bend your body to the right as much as you can. Do it until you feel the strain on your left waist. In this position, you right hand should be on the right hip. Just let your left hand raised upwards.

Keep this position around 15 seconds. Go back to the normal position and do for the opposite position. Just repeat it for 15 seconds.

Repeat it for a few times and do it regularly. In the end of the program, you will not feel your belly fat anymore. It’s gone!

Captain’s Chair

This exercise is a little bit hard to do. It is a good exercise for busy people or people who tend to sit for a few hours at the office.

Just like the name of the exercise, you just need a chair. Sit on that chair comfortably. Just make sure that your spine straight and shoulder in relax condition. Let your hands besides the chair.

Start to inhale deeply. While exhale, try to bring your both legs upwards. Try to do it slowly until your knees close to your chest. Try to hold this position for 5 seconds.

Downwards the legs slowly to the normal position and repeat this exercise for a few times. Definitely, Captain’s chair is also one of exercises to lose belly fat effectively without leaving your office or even your chair.

There are several exercises you can use as your reference here. Which one of the exercises to lose belly fat above you might want to do?

easy and fun outdoor exercises, the fastest way to lose belly fat.


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