Easy to Do Exercises to Lose Weight Fast without Any Equipment

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EXERCISES to lose weight fast are what overweight people looking for. The problem is that they can’t do it because they don’t have time to go to the gym. This is because they have to use specific equipment to do the exercise.

You don’t need to lose your hope because there is a possibility to do exercise to lose weight fast without any equipment. So, you can do anytime and anywhere you want. Check the list and do it right now!

The First Exercises to Lose Weight Fast: Pike Walk or Push Up Combo

Fat in your arm can be very disturbing. Sometimes, you are unconfident only because arm fat. One way to lose fat as well as weight fast is by doing pike walk or also known as pushup combo.

Just like the name, actually it is a variation of pushup. This exercise is not only good to lose your weight but also shape your chest, shoulder, and back. The most important thing, you don’t need to use any kind of equipment to do this exercise. You just need your hand!

The first thing to do is stand with your feet and hand on your side. Now, you can start to bend over and place your hand on mattress or floor. Just be ready to do pushup position.

Start to move your hand just like when you want to do plank position. Just make sure that your arm and your leg is straight.

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If you are steady enough, start to do pushup slowly. Try to bend over your arm to make your body and leg closer to the mattress or floor.

Then, start to push back your body up with your arm. It is one rep of pushup. Do it for a few times everyday. After a few weeks, you will see the result in which you can reduce your weight especially around arms

The Second Exercises to Lose Weight Fast: Prisoner Squat

One of a must exercises for prisoner is squat. Actually, it is not only good to make them discipline but also for their health including maintaining their weight.

If you want to know one of great exercises to lose weight fast, you should try prisoner squat. Due to its simplicity, most people tend to do this exercise and mix it with different type of exercise.

The first thing to do is stand in straight position. Give a little bit distance to your legs.

Now, start to put your hands on the back of your head or neck. Bend over your legs slowly. If it is possible you should create 90 degrees legs position. Just feel your muscles.

Then, try to move up your body back to straight position. It is one rep of prisoner squat. Just do it for a few times per set.

Try to do this exercise faster but for beginners, you may do it slowly and carefully first to get used to with it. After a few weeks you can really reduce your weight and also good shape of leg, chest, and belly.

The Third Exercises to Lose Weight: Bodyweight Lunge

This exercise is a good exercise to lose weight especially around your lower body including your belly fat. Just like pushup combo and prisoner squat, you have to start by standing up straight with arm on the sides.

Now, cross your hands on your hips. Next, start to move forward with your right leg until it looks like that you are creating 90 degree leg position. On the other hand, bend your left leg on the back.

This is where the challenge begun. In that position, start to lower your body slowly and carefully. Don’t change the position of your body, legs, and hands. Hold your position for a few seconds.

Due to the position, bodyweight lunge is not only a good exercise for losing weight but also to treat your balance. Move up your body slowly and back to the straight position.

That is one bodyweight lunge repetition. Do this exercise for a few times per set regularly.

The Fourth Exercises for Weight Loss: Bodyweight Jump Squat

For your information, jumping is also one of effective exercises to lose weight fast. To make it more interesting to do, you may try bodyweight jump squat. The best part of doing this exercise is that you can also increase your heart rate.

Start it with stand position with arm on the sides. Next, try to bend your leg until 90 degree position. Let your hands straight on the sides. Just imagine that you are about in preparing to jump position.

When you are ready, try to jump as high as you can. Raise your hand up while jumping. Does this exercise as many as you can and feel you heart rate up. Take bodyweight jump squat as one of your exercises to lose weight fast.

Remember! You don’t need to use any equipment at all!

lunge jumps

lunge jumps (from biotrustboard.com)

The Fifth Exercises to Lose Weight Fast: Lunge Jumps

You may create variation from two different exercises. Lunge jump is one of them. This is an exercise in which you have to combine between bodyweight lunge and jumping squat.

So, what you have to do first is bodyweight lunge position. You can read the way to do the position above. When you are steady enough you can start to jump as high as you can.

The challenge of this exercise is the jumping position. It is hard to jump in lunge position especially for beginners. But if you do it regularly, you are not only increasing your heart rate but also reducing your weight significantly.

Just be careful while doing this exercise to prevent injuries.

The Sixth Exercises to Lose Weight Fast: Walking Spiderman

Just watch when Spiderman walks. Who knows, that cool movement can helps you reduce weight. So, what you have to do is preparing a pushup looked like position.

Now, try to move your right leg and left hand and vice versa. Just feel that you are walking on a vertical surface. Feel all your muscles while doing this exercise.

You have enough reference to lose your weight without equipment. Most of them are easy to do exercises and you can anywhere you want even at home.

Now, you can do those exercises to lose weight fast and you can see the result after a few weeks. What are you waiting for? Start to learn the list of exercises to lose weight fast here now.

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