Healthy Foods for Teens: Extreme Diets Can Disturb Your Body

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DO you want to know more about healthy foods for teens? A good nutrition bears importance for everyone, especially for the growth of teens. Sadly, a lot of teens have imbalanced diets or go through unhealthy or fad diets in order to lose weight.

There needs to be an effort in order to change your eating habits, but even a simple change can make a big difference. You will feel better and maybe be able to control your weight better and more easily.

Your teenage years is where you will undergo a lot of growth. In order to support that growth, you often eat a lot of nutritious food. However, the consumption of food also tends to go out of control. Therefore, the body does not only grow in height, but also to the sides and front.

When your body already increased in size the way that you do not want it, you will feel a lack of confidence. One of the ways to slim down your body is by dieting.

However, most often children and teens do not really understand how to diet the right way and how to diet according to their age. Generally, they follow the wrong method for losing weight loss.

Junk Food Is Not A Healthy Foods for Teens

A lot of teens eat junk food every day. Junk foods also include soda and snacks that are high in calories such as chips.

However, your body cannot function well if you only eat junk food. Junk foods are not healthy foods for teens. In comparison to home cooked foods, junk foods (including fast foods) almost always contain a high amount of fat, especially saturated fat. It also has high amounts of sugar and salt, yet low in fiber.

Overall, it gives a lower amount of nutrition such as calcium and iron even though it is served in big portions. This means that there are more calories.

Even though heart attacks may seem far-fetched when you are a teen, your body may have experienced health problems that you do not know about yet. A poor diet can lead to an increase in weight, constipation, high blood pressure, problems concentrating, and fatigue, even though you are still young.

Change Your Eating Habits

The smallest changes can bring about a big change. Try to make the healthy foods for teens:

healthy foods for teens

  • Refrain from sweet drinks such as soft drinks and energy drinks. Drinks that are sugar-free is fine to drink once in awhile, but these drinks are acidic and can have a negative effect towards the health of your bones and teeth. Water is a healthy drink. Try to add a coat of lime, lemon, or orange to give it a taste.

  • Provide a bowl of fruit for fast snacking that is low in calories.

  • Make it compulsory to have breakfast every day to avoid having the tendency to consume the snack in your free time. Have whole grain cereals that are low in sugar served with milk that is low in fat in order to get a lot of vitamins, mineral, and fiber. Choose any other quick and healthy breakfasts as well, such as yogurt and whole wheat bread.

  • Do not miss the main meals of the day.

  • Help your parents prepare food while thinking of creative ways to make healthier foods and to come up with healthy lunch ideas for teens. Turn a family recipe into low-fat meals by altering the method of cooking. For example, instead of frying foods, you can bake, stir-fry, or has it boiled.

  • Decrease the portions of your food.

  • Do not add an excess of salt to your food.

  • Do not eat foods that are high in fat every time you go with your friends to a fast food outlet. There are a lot of fast food restaurants nowadays that provide a choice of healthy foods.

  • Try to spice up the choices for your meeting places. Rather than seeing your friends by going to a fast food outlet, try to recommend food outlets that serve healthy foods, such as whole wheat bread filled with vegetables, or sushi.

Change The Way You Think About Food

  • There are a lot of myths regarding healthy food. Do not make choices for food based on the wrong beliefs like junk foods.

  • Compare junk food prices to the price of healthy food to realize that being healthy does not always mean that it has to be expensive.

  • Do experiments with different food recipes. You will right away realize that the foods that are cooked using fresh ingredients will always be more beneficial compared to burgers or fast-served fries.

  • Try different fast-serving healthy foods like whole grain cereals, muesli, whole wheat bread, whole wheat muffins, fruits, yogurt, or pasta.

  • Do not think that dieting means that you have to stay far from all types of food. Going through a great diet does not mean that you have to eat weird healthy foods. With a great diet, you can still consume other delicious foods once in a while.

Change Your Eating Environment

  • Try to convince your school canteen to provide healthy foods.

  • Ask the canteen at your school to insert different choices of healthy foods with cheap prices.

  • Go grocery shopping and pick out the foods that are minimally processed.

  • Try to join the person who cooks at your home.

Important to Remember

  • A teenager who consumes fast food more regularly is at a higher risk to have excess weight compared to teens who only eat fast food once in awhile.

  • A diet that consists of healthy foods and snacks will increase your intake of nutrition such as calcium, which is needed for the growth of strong bones.

  • Always remember and be aware that if you are dieting to lose weight, that is the sole aim other than being more healthy as well. Do not lose too much weight to the point that your weight loss becomes extreme. A drastic decrease in weight is not good for your body. Do not go through extreme diets because it can disturb all of the systems in your body and also the hormones that are responsible for your growth. Extreme diets can lead you to extreme hair loss, irregular menstrual cycles, and cause your skin to be unhealthy. Rather than go through extreme diets, it is better to follow the tips that have been delivered regarding healthy foods for teens.