7 Tips on Healthy Meals for Teens

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HEALTHY meals for teens come in various combinations. All of the combinations will be a good choice if it could cover the daily nutrition your body needs everyday. What are they? It is fiber, calcium, as well as protein. It is a bad choice if you let yourself to starve.

What matter in the diet is not emptying your stomach, but filling it with the right amount nutrition, we mentioned in the previous sentence. Through this article, we would share some health tips for teens as well.

What are they? Fill your bank of information up by finishing reading the following tips about healthy meals for teens.

1. Breakfast is important healthy meals

It is not good to lessen your food intake by not having breakfast. The healthy meals in the early day would be the useful source of energy that you will need throughout the day. As a teenager, you must have an extra busy day in school.

Thinking or just trying to understand the material needs extra energy that will lead you to any sickness or not a good feeling if you did not provide the right amount since morning.

Therefore, it is important to have a good teamwork with your body by giving it a proper stock of nutrition for your goodness as well.


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2. Bring the healthy snacks for teens

When the diet meal menu for tens is not enough for you to stay until the lunch comes, you could fill your energy up with some snacks. Do not imagine snacks such as ice cream, chocolate or cakes.

They will ruin your diet program or diets for teens. Instead, stuff your bag with healthy snacks such as veggies, fresh fruit, or other snacks with low fat or low calorie.

3. Do not let yourself get dehydrated

Besides foods, you need to mind the liquid you give to your body as well. It is important to stay hydrated during your busy day. Make sure that you drink 8 glasses, at least 6 glass, of water everyday.

Choosing lower fat milk as your daily drink is also a good way to go. If you want to have juice, then you need to be extra careful, the unsweetened fruit juice still sugary. Therefore, this tip about healthy meals for teens is important to make sure that you did not take more than 150ml of juice per day.

4. The importance of various nutrition: iron and fiber

There are many nutritional needs of your body. To begin with, iron is important for you to keep your energy. In other words, if one day you feel so tired whereas you are not doing any hard work, you probably lack of this nutrition.

This kind of case happens more often for teenage girls because of their period time. Make sure that you have already given much amount of iron from the foods you consume. Some sources of iron are meat, bread as well as cereals. All of them are good as your breakfast.

The second one is fiber. It is important to keep a good stock of fiber in your stomach. Fiber has the ability to make you feel full even though you did not eat much amount of food.

Moreover, the full feeling would last in a long time as well. Some sources of fiber that you could find easily are in vegetables.

5. Twist for a better and healthy intake

Running a diet program for teenagers might be a little hard since they have their own favorite food, which is not so healthy but hard to leave. Well, you do not need to be a cruel parent and strictly prohibit your boy or girl from this kind of food.

Instead, make the change smoothly even it needs to take a longer time. Twisting some food choices would be a better start to begin.

For example, if your boy or girl is in a deep love of pizza, tacos, or burgers. In this case, instead of giving refined option, you could give whole grain that would lessen the fat.

For example, you could still give your lovely boy or girl the pizza they loved, but you prepare it with a whole grain crust. For the topping, use his or her favorite vegetables as well as decrease the use of fat cheese while giving it tomato sauce with low sodium property.

If he or she loved tortilla, then it would be better if you use grilled fish or chicken breast as the filling rather than beef or even pork. Remember to have the whole grain tortilla.

On the other hand, use various vegetables for the toppings. Some choices that would make it tastier are cabbage, fresh salsa, onions, avocados, or even tomatoes. Slice them all in thin shape. It is another tip on healthy meals for teens.

6. It is healthy to have seafood for teens

Based on the statement of the American Heart Association, it is good to keep with at least 3.5 ounces of shellfish or fish twice a week. It goes the same for adult as well as teenagers.

If you want to lower the blood cholesterol in your body, it would be good to choose salmon, clams, cod, scallops, flounder, or shrimp as your meal. All of them have rich vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids and minerals while having low contaminants like mercury.

One sample of making seafood as the healthy menu for teenagers is using the salmon, bake it then serves it with whole grain pasta. Do not forget to have some vegetables such as steamed spinach and broccoli as the companion.

For another option, you could go with grilled shrimp completed with brown rice and healthy veggies as well.

7. Plant based protein for teens cause in less risk of cancer

Actually, meat is not a bad food to consume. However, having less meat on every dinner proved to bring healthier life. A study ever held by the JAMA Internal Medicine.

The result showed that eating plant based protein for teens would result in less risk of cancer as well as heart disease compared to teens who supply their protein from animal sources.

Some good source protein, which you should take are beans, quinoa, nuts, soy, or seeds. To have a healthy life, it is the last tip on healthy meals for teens.

7 Health Tips for Teens.

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