How to Burn Belly Fat Using Foods?

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How to burn belly fat is something asked over and over. Belly fat is annoying indeed. It will make your physical appearance flawed. If you are a woman then having belly fat is a no no because you cannot use anything tight.

Such outfit is going to expose your belly and you are going to look like a pregnant woman with that big belly. That is why a lot of people try so hard to burn belly fat. Excess belly fat can be burnt easily by the body as long as you have healthy metabolism system.

To improve metabolism system, you can do many efforts, including eating these foods below. Once you have these foods, you will no longer wondering how to burn belly fat.

1. Red Fruits, the Best Ones for Weight Loss

Fruits are pretty colorful and some of them are red. Did you know that the red fruits are the best ones for weight loss? These fruits are also great for metabolism system. That is why it is suggestible for you to eat Pink Lady apple, watermelon, and red grapes if you want to have flat belly.

There are higher nutrients in red fruits. It is called flavonoid. One of the kinds of flavonoids called anthocyanin is the one giving the red fruits its red color. This anthocyanin has the ability to reduce the action of fat-storage genes.

As the result, the body will be unable to store fat too much in the body, particularly in the belly. To eat red fruits, you can eat them as they are but also can turn them into salads, popsicles, punch, and so on.

It will be delicious and belly-slimming as well.

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2. Guacamole Makes Your Belly Less Fatty 

If you love Mexican cuisine, then guacamole must be the staple on your table. Guacamole is not only delicious but also going to make your belly less fatty. The main ingredient of guacamole is avocado.

As long as the avocado is not mixed with overly fatty ingredients, the guacamole in result will be extremely healthy. Avocados are very effective to kill belly fat. It has a lot of good stuff in them. Avocado has monounsaturated fats.

This kind of fat is not the bad fat, instead, this is a good fat that will reduce your hunger. The best thing about avocado in order to make your belly flat is that this unique fruit is going to prevent the storage of belly fat. Belly is the favorite place for the body to store fat.

That is why you have big belly full of fat even though the rest of your body is still skinny. By eating guacamole made from fresh avocado, the body will have no opportunity to store the fat into the belly.

When making guacamole, just remember to keep the natural flavor as much as possible. This will prevent you from adding too much cheese and flavorings to the guacamole.

3. Blueberry and Banana Smoothie for Breakfast

How to burn belly fat using breakfast? Well, this blueberry and banana smoothie is your exact answer. This smoothie is made from two healthy ingredients. Blueberry is packed with vitamin C to boost the metabolism system as banana gives you fat-burning and hunger-squelching benefit.

By consuming this smoothie, you will get enough nutrients to keep your body healthy as well as give you benefits such as: flatten your belly, make the metabolism system inside the body better, boost the digestive system in the body, and minimize the fat genes, preventing the body to store fat into your belly.

To make your banana and blueberry smoothie even healthier, you can have the smoothie with non fat milk and also without sugar. Use natural sweetener such as honey or agave. If you want to add ice cream or yogurt, make sure it is also the low fat ones.

Dark Chocolate Bars

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4. Dark Chocolate Bars

Dark chocolate bars are going to make your belly flat in no time. How to burn fat belly using dark chocolate bars? Easy! All you need to do is eating it.

It is because dark chocolate is basically full of healthy substances, ready to help you reduce your belly fat and prevent you from gaining weight. Dark chocolate also has the ability to lower blood sugar as well and thus preventing a lot of gruesome diseases.

Dark chocolate is also packed with anti-inflammatory compounds. The compounds have the ability to prevent insulin resistance genes and also the fat genes. By eating dark chocolate bars, your body will have no opportunity to store excess fat in your body.

Balance this effort with exercise so that the energy produced by the body is not going to get wasted. Dark chocolate that you choose to keep the belly fat away is the dark chocolate 70% at least.

5. Homemade Peanut Butter

The real peanut butter is only made from two ingredients: peanuts and salt. That is why if you made your own peanut butter at home and sure that your peanut butter does not have any chemical ingredients in it, your peanut butter is going to give you flat belly for sure.

Peanut has a lot of good fats or what so called monounsaturated fats. This kind of fat is not going to make your body fat but instead it is a belly-slimming fat helping your body to stay skinny. Peanut is also full of genistein.

It is a kind of substance that reduces the ability of the body to store fat. That is why by eating homemade peanut butter, you will have the ability to get flat belly.

Beside all the foods above, belly fat still can be burnt easily by consuming so many other foods. That is why you cannot just stop there.

Besides maintaining your diet, make sure that you are also doing exercises every day in order to keep your belly fat as well as keeping your entire body healthy. The list of exercise to keep the belly flat is basically endless.

Most of them can be done easily, even at home. Knowing how to burn belly fat with foods is not going to help unless you get some exercise as well.

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