How To Lose Belly Fat In A Week Without Exercise

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HOW to lose belly fat in a week without exercise is actually not so hard to do. You only need to find the most suitable method you could do with no absent. However, before jumping to the method you could try, you need to have a deep understanding about belly fat first.

Belly fat is a type of fat found in the abdominal cavity. Since it takes places around internal organ, it could release certain compound that might be vulnerable for the metabolic process.

It might be dangerous because it can affect to the heart disease as well as inflammation in some cases. Through this article, we will offer you methods you could try regarding how to lose belly fat in a week.

1. Set the realistic goal

As a starter, setting goal is a good beginning. However, you need to mind that you only give one-week for the time. Therefore, you need to have a realistic goal with this limited time as well.

For example, you put your expectation too high if you wish to lose 20 pounds of your belly fat. To be realistic, losing 1 or 2 pounds is already good news remembering that you only do it in a week.

One pound of belly fat is the same as 35000 calories. In other words, if you want to lose 1 pound, you need to reduce your calorie intake 3500 at least.

Concerning the calorie intake is the easiest thing you could do if you want to lose your belly fat without doing any exercise. Make a target of how much calorie your body will get in a day.

For example, reduce it for about 500 until 1000 for each day. This number would not cause you to starve. If you want to lose some pounds of your weight, you need to know the measurement of calorie you need to reduce.

Based on some researches, your body could not afford more than 7000 calorie to reduce because it will leads to nutrients deficit and cause a bigger health problem.

If you succeed to lose 1 or 2 pounds in a week, it means that you need to consider more things. The weight you lose in a fast way has a high possibility to regain in the fast time as well.

Therefore, do not let yourself drown in celebrating your victory. A better way to go is by continue doing your hard work. Please mind to maintain your healthy state as well by not doing such activities that might return you to the previous state.

How To Lose Belly Fat In A Week Without Exercise

2. Low energy density foods to make you stay full

After you reduce the calorie intake, it is common if you feel hungry in most of the time. To overcome this problem, you could fill your hunger with low energy density foods. These foods have lower calorie than any other snacks.

Moreover, it still has the same capability to fill your stomach up without worrying the amount of calorie it brings to your belly. If you wonder how these foods could make you full, the answer is because these foods contain water as well as lots of fiber.

Vegetables, fruits as well as fat free broths are the excellent example of these foods. Keep consuming these foods regularly could be the easiest way concerning the problem of how to lose belly fat in a week.

3. Do not ruin your diet program

A couple of foods are more than enough to ruin all your hard effort in days. It is not a good choice to have an opinion of such thing as “reward” to what you have done in the early days.

The most suitable reward for you is the result that you will see from your diet program. To make it easier, put away your sweetened foods, or any kinds of foods that will ruin your diet.

If you realize that it is hard to reach them, it will likely more effective to prevent yourself from getting them since you need much more work to get them.

4. Foods to consume

Since you only have one week to show how well you make a progress, you really need to consider what kind of food go through you mouth. Takes foods with many protein and grains for all your meals.

Remember to take the fresh one as well. Have a big NO for any kinds of sweetened drinks. It means that you need to start leaving your hobby of drinking soda or juice. Throw your bakery treats or ice cream as well.

Replace their place with low calorie snacks instead. Pizza, white bread and alcohol also types of foods that could bring you to zero progress because all of them have refined grains.

If you stick to this plan in the whole 7 days, it could be the easy way of losing your belly fat in a week.

5. Supplements and vitamin

Taking supplement and vitamin is also not a wasteful thing to try. It will help your body to get enough supply so that you could stay healthy during your hard work. It could refine your nutrients intake as well.

6.  Reduce the bloating of your belly

Reducing bloating out of your stomach is also the answer of how to lose belly fat in a week. If you are interested to try this method, then what you need to concern is preventing yourself to stuff your stomach on every meal.

Eat small meals instead during the whole day. It is better to have 4 until 5 small meal than 3 big meal throughout the day.

Please note that carbonated beverages, dried fruits and juice, spicy foods, or calciferous vegetables in large servings are likely to induce gas as well as bloating.

If you are intolerant to lactose, then it is important to avoid any dairy products. It will be very helpful to reduce the belly swelling.

It is better to ensure that your body has enough nutrients. At last, this method worth to try if you look for the answer of how to lose belly fat in a week without exercise.