How to Lose Stomach Fat Women Easier, Cheaper, and in Comfortable Way

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How to lose stomach fat women becomes a common question. Losing stomach fat is not only about keeping health for women but also to increase their confidence. The problem is that some of the ways are uncomfortable and it makes you think twice to do it.

Just forget about it and look at the list below. The list will guide you to lose stomach fat easily along with maximal result.

Manage Your Eating Habit

The main cause why you have a lot of fat around your stomach is because you eat a lot. Before it’s too late, you have to manage your eating habit right now in the right way.

For example, you should eat breakfast. Yes! Just start to eat breakfast now! In fact, eating breakfast is good to support your diet program. It helps you to control insulin level and at the same time it helps you to control LDL cholesterol level.

You may eat specific types of foods such as eggs, beans, peanut butter, lean meat, oat, and many more. The key is choosing foods contain of protein and fiber and low sugar.

Moreover, you can also change refined grains to whole grains products. Whole grains products are also good to lose stomach fat while doing diet program. This is because whole grains rich of fiber which can make you full longer.

Don’t forget to reduce or avoid foods contain calories because it disturbs your diet program. You may eat fat as long as it is good fat such as avocado, nuts, soybeans, chocolate, and many more.


how to lose stomach fat women

Sleep Well

Many people asking about how to lose stomach fat women easily and effectively. Believed it or not, one of the answers is by sleeping well.

Most women don’t really care about their sleeping habit. What they don’t realize that it becomes the cause of their stomach fat.

So, what do you have to do is trying to get high sleeping quality. Just try to sleep around 7 hours a day. Sleeping well means you are sleeping tightly without consuming medicines.

Moreover, you should try to turn off or keep your gadgets away when you want to sleep. Try to relax and find the most comfortable position so you can sleep tight right away.

The impact, you can reduce your stress tension which trigger cortisol hormone. At the same time, it increases your stomach fat.

Manage Your Stress

As a busy woman, you can be stress because of your hectic days. Don’t underestimate your stress condition because it leads you to stomach fat. Try to relax everyday although in very short break.

For example, you can just sit on a table and take the most comfortable position. Then, close your eyes and take a depth breathe. Do it for a few times until your anxiety or worries gone.

You can just do it while lunch break. Stress women tend to eat more foods than normal women and it is the cause of overweight and belly fat.

Try to Achieve 10.000 Steps a Day

Exercise is also important to keep you to have ideal stomach. So, what is the simple exercise you can do to lose stomach fat?  The answer is walking everyday. It is a simple workout, right?

The result will be great for your health including your stomach. Just try to achieve 10.000 steps a day and see the result after a few months. You may take this exercise to support your diet plan.

To make it easier and fun, you can start with walking program such as walk to the office, school, grocery stores, and many more.

You can also change your habit from taking elevator or lift into stairs. Just do it for about 30 minutes a day and you can feel the positive impacts after 2 weeks.


If you want to do a little bit harder exercise, you can take running. The best way is sprinting for 20 seconds. Then, you can walk slowly while controlling your breath. Just do this exercise up to 10 minutes a day.

How about if you want to do it indoor? You can do it by running on a treadmill. The most important thing, it is a must to do this exercise regularly for maximal result.

Do Some Exercises

Besides walking and running, you can also do different type of exercise. Those are including resistance training, aerobic, plank, squat, side stretches, and many more.

By doing these exercises, you can reduce stomach fat effectively. It is not only losing stomach fat but also making you healthier.

Drink Plenty of Water

It is a common secret of women who have ideal weight and stomach. This is concerning to the fact that water can activate your metabolism. At the same time, water can flush toxin or waste out from your body.

As the result, your body will be fresher and healthier. The best way to lose stomach fat is drinking water around 8 Oz a day. To make it easier, you can bring a bottle so you can drink the water anytime you want.

The most important thing is that you should reduce or stop drinking alcohol or sugary drinks, and carbonated beverages.

Check Your Progress

It is a must to check your progress. Before that, you can also take a note on your actual weight and waist to hip ratio. Then, do the tips to lose stomach fat above for a few weeks or 2 weeks.

At the end of the program, you can recheck your actual weight and waist to hip ratio. Just compare those two records and make sure that you see significant result.

Besides checking the progress at the end of the training program, it is also a must for you to check your weight everyday after the exercise. You can also check your weight everyday before eating your breakfast.

Weight is fluctuates so you have to do it regularly.

Hopefully, this explanation answers your question about how to lose stomach fat for women. The most important thing, you finally learned how to lose stomach fat for women easily, healthier, and with realistic result.

Just try it now and get your ideal stomach shape back right away!

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