How to Lose Weight Fast in a Week without Exercise

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HOW to lose weight fast in a week without exercise? Have you ever asked this question? People who want to have ideal body may want to know the best tips to lose their weight in a week.

Many diet tips can be done, but people usually don’t want to do exercise. Yes, many diet tips require you to exercise for losing weight.

What to do for losing weight without exercise? Is there any way to lose weight fast in a week? You can read some information below to know the answer.

Detailed Information of Losing Weight Fast in a Week

Many people want to get ideal body, but they don’t know about how to lose weight fast in a week. Yes, you can lose weight in a week.

The main point is, you have to control your food consumption. You have to know the type of food to be consumed for a week. Here is the detail information about losing weight for you:

Day 1: Lose Weight Fast by Consuming Fruits

The first day may be difficult for you because it is the first time for you to do unusual daily activity. In the first day, you have to consume fruits. All type of fruits can be consumed in the first day, except banana.

Try to focus and don’t consume other foods except fruits. In the first day, you have to consume much mineral water to avoid dehydration.

Day 2: Lose Weight by Consuming Vegetables

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Different from the first day, you have to consume vegetables in the second day. Starting from breakfast, you have to consume vegetables only. If you get bored because of consuming vegetables, you can search for recipe about how to create delicious food from vegetables.

But, remember that you cook it by boiling or steaming it. Don’t add or eat other food except vegetables. Consume much mineral water to avoid dehydration.

Day 3: Consume Vegetables and Fruits

In the third day, you can consume vegetables and fruits. But, avoid consuming banana and potato because they contain carbohydrate. To make you get spirit when doing diet in the third day, you can consume fruits for your breakfast menu, and consume vegetables salad for lunch menu.

And for dinner, you can consume fruits. Same with the first and third day, don’t forget to consume much mineral water to avoid dehydration.

Day 4: Only Consume Banana and Milk

How to lose weight fast? You will not ask this question anymore if you know the tips to lose weight fast. After the third day, you have to do diet in the fourth day. In the fourth day, you just need to consume banana and milk. Don’t consume other food except banana and milk. Don’t forget to use non fat milk.

Day 5: Lose Weight by Consuming Race

After 4 days, you are allowed to consume rice. But, you have to consume it without foods. You can add tomato wheel eating rice. Try to focus and don’t consume other food except rice and tomato. Consume much mineral water to hydrate your body.

Day 6: Consume Vegetables and Rice

In the sixth day, you have to consume vegetables. But different from other day, you can also consume a bowl of rice. Make sure you consume vegetables that are not fried.

Day 7: Please Consume Favorite Vegetable, Fruit Juice and…

It is the last day of this diet program. In this day, you can consume your favorite vegetable, fruit juice and rice. If you are successful in doing every step, your weight will lose. There are so many people who have tried this diet program.

They lose 5-7 kg after doing this diet program. So, what are you waiting for? You can try this diet program as soon as possible. The purpose of this diet program is releasing toxin in the body.

When body is free of toxin, metabolism process can be done perfectly. When it happens, finally you will get ideal body.

Other Tips to Lose Weight in a Week Without Exercise

After reading diet program above, you have known about how to lose weight fast without exercise. By following the diet program above, your weight will lose. But, there are other tips you can do to get ideal body as soon as possible, such as below:

Avoid Food Contains Fat for Losing Weight

You know that fat can cause obesity. Fat usually found in various foods, such as junk food. Junk food not only contains fat, but it also contains much calories. When you consume it, you will get a risk to suffer diabetes and obesity.

Whenever you want to do diet program, make sure you avoid food contains fat because it will break the diet program, and finally you will not be successful in losing your weight.

lemon juice

Consume Lemon Juice Effective to Lose Weight

Have you known that lemon is effective to lose weight? Lemon has been used for many purposes because it can reduce some disease symptoms. If you want to lose your weight, you can consume a cup of warm water that is mixed with few drops of lemon water.

It is useful to lose your weight because lemon is useful for detoxification process. When our body is free of toxin, metabolism process will be done perfectly.

Finally, it will make our body more ideal. Not only good for metabolism process, lemon can also keep your liver’s health.

Change Your Snack by Healthy Snack

Woman usually like snack so much. Finally, they eat so many snacks every day without knowing the consequence of it. Yes, snack is not healthy for your health. Even, it can cause obesity.

Finally, you will feel unconfident to face many people. But, what to do when you want to consume snacks without causing obesity? Actually, you just need to change your snack. For example, you can change your snack with banana or nuts. Banana is good for health because contains fiber.

Nuts are also good for health because can prevent aging. But, remember that you have to consume nuts that are not fried.

Well, those are some information for you about how to lose weight fast in a week without exercise. After reading some information above, you can do a right diet program that should be done for a week.

If you focus on it, you will be able to lose your weight as soon as possible. Finally, hopefully some information about how to lose weight fast in a week, even without exercise.  I hope this article will be helpful for you.