7 Tips to Lose Weight Fast without Exercise Effectively in Only 7 Days

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Lose weight fast without exercise in 7 days seems to be impossible. But don’t think about it before reading this information. In fact, it is possible for you to lose your weight in 7 days.

Just follow the tips below and hopefully you can see the significant result after 7 days.

1. Chew Your Foods Slowly

It is not only about what you eat which can affect your weight, actually the way you chew your foods can also affect your weight. If you want to lose weight faster so you should chew your foods slowly.

Is there any relationship? Yes, it is! By chewing your foods slowly, you can reduce food intake. As the result, you tend to eat in small portion and amazingly you can stay full longer.

Based on research, fast eaters tend to suffer from obesity or overweight problem. It is also about the level of calories your body can absorb. Chewing your foods slowly can reduce the calories.

So, try to eat your diet menu slower than before and you can see the result after 7 days. That is the first tips about to lose weight without exercise.

Lose weight fast without exercise

2. Consider Your Eating Portion

Just notice that diet or lose weight fast is not always about eating in small portion. This is the importance of understanding eating portion well. Let say, you need to know about nutrient you need to consume each day.

The problem is some people can’t really press their eating temptation. Actually, you don’t need to press it if you can’t. The key is preparing bigger plate for healthy foods.

How about if you still have desire to eat unhealthy foods?

Try to prepare a small plate for unhealthy foods and that’s it! So, anytime you want to eat, just take the healthy foods and enjoy it in big plate. Amazingly, it doesn’t increase your weight and even it loses your weight.

3. Protein is Very Important

Because you want to lose weight fast without exercise and even in 7 days, it means you should eat foods contain of protein a lot. The reason is simple. By eating foods with protein you can feel full longer than before.

The next impact is that you can limit calories in your body. In detail, protein affects several hormones in your body such as ghrelin and GLP-1. Specific research found that after adding the level of calories, the participants can reduce their calories intake significantly.

As the result, they can lose their weight around 11 pounds in 12 weeks. Interesting fact is that they don’t do any lift weight exercises at all. So, just start to do now and see the result after 7 days.

For your reference, you may eat eggs, chicken breast, fish, almond, or Greek yogurt.

3. Don’t Forget about Fiber

Besides eating foods with protein, you also need to eat foods with fiber. Actually, protein and fiber have the same function for dieters. Those two compounds are good to suppress your appetite and it makes your full longer.

To make it faster, you can eat specific type of fiber known as viscous fiber. Uniquely, viscous fiber will transform into gel if it contacts with water. Later, your body can absorb nutrient slower than before because of the gel.

Moreover, you don’t feel hungry easily. There are several ingredients contain of viscous fiber such as beans, oat cereals, asparagus, orange, and flax seeds.

4. Drink Water is A Must

For those who want to maintain weight as well as lose weight faster you can start bring a bottle of water. Just drink it everyday. Because the focus is losing weight faster without exercise for 7 days, it means you have to drink water half an hour before meals.

The secret is that water can make your stomach a little bit full. As the result, you can reduce your eating portion. It is a good way to reduce calories in your body.

Just imagine that there is a chance to reduce weight up to 44% only for 12 weeks. For now, you can chance your unhealthy habit of drinking soda or juice with sweetened into healthy habit by drinking water.

The impact will be fantastic. Look at your weight after 7 days and you will surprise with the result!

5. Just Remember Small Portions Eating Habit

There is a case that you can’t eat at home. Let say, you have to eat in a gathering and it is hard to control the menu. You don’t need to worry about that and it doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to eat them at all.

The key is remembering about small portion eating habit. Just take a small plate to control the portion. You will be able to lose weight without exercise. If it is not, you can take big plate and eat small portion of your favorite food there.

This trick is very important to apply especially if you have to do it in dinner. Too much food in dinner is unhealthy and it can increase your weight faster. So, if you want to lose your weight faster do the opposite.

Don’t eat too much except healthy foods! Eating in small portion continuously is better.

6. Focus on Foods In Front of You

Based on research, it is stated that focus on foods in front of you is very important and it has relation with your weight. People who eating while watching television or playing gadget tend to suffer from overweight problem.

The problem is because they don’t focus on the food and it causes overeating. On the other hand, people who focus on their foods while eating can reduce calories.

The reason is of course they know what they eat and they can control it without any distraction from television or gadget. Just remember, you want to lose weight faster in 7 days so you have to focus!

7. Maintain Your Stress and Sleeping Time

The next simple thing to do is maintaining your stress and sleeping time. Try to get enough sleeping time along with good sleeping quality. Then, try to maintain your stress.

You know yourself. If you think you need to get rest, just do it. Let say, you can go to your favorite place, shopping, do your favorite exercise, and many more. Don’t let stress beat you because it triggers weight problem.

The best way to lose weight faster without exercise in 7 days is maintaining your sleep and stress.

From the information here, you know that it is possible to lose weight without any hard and painful exercises. Just try to do the list of the way to lose weight fast without exercise here and try to measure your weight after 7 days.

7 Tips to Lose Weight Fast without Exercise Effectively in Only 7 Days

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