Some Tips for Losing Weight During Menopause

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MENOPAUSE is a condition of the end of the menstrual cycle in women that usually occurs in women aged over 40 years. At this time, women generally experience changes in physical and psychological conditions due to decreased levels of estrogen in the body.

One of the many physical changes experienced by menopausal women is weight gain. The average woman gained weight of approximately 1.8 to 2.3 kilograms in the first year of menopause.

However, in some women experienced a higher increase of 4.5 to 6.8 kilograms. This is what ultimately makes women worried when entering this condition after previously women experience irregular and less frequent menstrual periods.

Usually the menstrual period is less frequent lasts for 1-2 years before menopause, but depending on the conditions of each woman.

In addition to physical conditions, menopausal women also experience changes in psychic conditions such as often feel anxious, feel less confident because the skin began to wrinkle, fear if not loved by her husband, feel not wanting to lose the attention of others, and soon.

Here Are 7 Ways to Prevent Weight Gain During Menopause

losing weigh during menopause


Usually menopausal women also experience a hot flash on the face, often feel thirsty, difficulty sleeping, feeling hot during the night, and many more other complaints. Therefore not infrequently women at the beginning of menopause often feel stress.

Especially if after menopause weight gradually rising, of course, making the condition of the woman is increasingly stressful and anxious. But as menopausal women, we must be able to accept the state of ourselves and keep our body healthy.

If you are not confident because of weight gain during menopause, then below you will get some information about losing weight during menopause tips. To prevent weight gain during menopause, there are several ways that can be done. These include:

1. Move Active: Walking, Biking, Swimming

Entering menopause, women are vulnerable to laziness. In addition, women may also feel tired despite not doing heavy activities or activities that are solid. In fact, if obeyed and left alone, this attitude will trigger weight gain because you are too much rest while the calories are burned not much.

Then you should be able to stop this feeling by doing activities that trigger your body to move active every day. You should always look for busy every day because the number of calories you eat should you burn to be energy so as not to accumulate fat in your body.

Activities you can do include walking every morning or biking, swimming every weekend, taking a walk with your pet, gardening, cooking, taking a walk with friends, joining a yoga club, and so on.

2. Do More Sports / Exercise

If you’re used to exercising for 30 minutes, maybe menopausal women need to increase the duration of exercise to 45-50 minutes every day for calories and fat burns.

3. Focus on Waist and Stomach

In general, menopausal women tend to accumulate fat in the waist and abdomen so it will look bloated when you wear tight clothes. Therefore, you should focus the exercises on both sections for example by doing sit ups every morning or join yoga training with friends your age to prevent excess fat deposits in both parts.

4. Increase Vitamin B

Various symptoms of menopause as well as complaints experienced by menopausal women include rapid changes in mood, stiffness and cramps in various joints. You should consume lots of foods that contain vitamin B like bananas and green vegetables.

5. Avoid Oily Foods

Fried foods contain many calories and bad cholesterol that is not good for your health. Therefore, you should avoid this type of food to avoid a lot of weight increase. People who have experienced menopause are usually quite vulnerable to various diseases.

Therefore you are not advised to eat junk food and various fried foods. You may eat oily foods but you have to make sure the type of oil used for frying. Generally people will be susceptible to gout because of eating too much fatty and greasy foods.

People who experience uric acid will feel sore in various joints in the body, difficult to move limbs, and even difficult to walk.

6. Expand to Eat Vegetables

Green vegetables are rich in vitamins, nutrients, and minerals badly needed by menopausal women. Vegetables can be consumed by eating raw foods such as salad, boiled, sautéed with olive oil, until steaming.

If you like boiled vegetables, then make sure not boil too long for the nutritional content in the vegetables are not lost. Various vegetables that are good for your health who have menopause include mustard, spinach, kale, pare, zucchini, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, and eggplant.

In addition, you should also consume enough fruits to meet the needs of vitamins in your body. You should start reducing the consumption of coffee and sugar. Coffee will spur your heart to work faster and make it hard to sleep at night. While too much sugar will make your risk of diabetes.

7. Consumption of Soybeans Enough

By the time you enter menopause, it’s good to start paying attention to the ingredients you eat every day. For example, every day you consume cow’s milk that has a high fat content, then you should replace it with soy milk. Try drinking plain milk or unsweetened.

You should start reducing sugar in your diet and drink plenty of water to reduce your risk of developing diabetes by a woman’s body. Vegetables can be consumed by eating raw, boiled, pan-fried, until steaming.

Based on the text above we can conclude that menopause is a period where women have not experienced menstruation again. The menopause period will make some difference both physically and psychically in women.

Physical changes include skin begins to wrinkle, dry and the body becomes more easily fat in the abdomen and waist. Therefore, some of the above are things that should be done by menopausal women to keep her body healthy and prevent excessive weight gain.

Now you already know about losing weight during menopause tips. You can apply it in your daily life and tell your friends who have menopause so that they do not feel less confident and can accept the condition of menopause with sincerity. Have a try and good luck!