Running Tips for Beginners to Lose Weight

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Exercise is the main requirement to achieve a complete body health in addition to eating nutritious and adequate rest. A healthy body and diligent exercise usually has a beautiful and ideal shape. Many people who have a fat body do exercise to lose their weight and achieve the ideal body shape.

In general after exercise the body will feel fit. There are a variety of sports, ranging from the simple sports to sports that need help tools to do. Some types of sports you can do include swimming, running, athletics, judo, taekwondo, futsal, karate, basketball, tennis, soccer, hockey, volleyball, baseball, horse riding, and many more.

But with the busy you have, what sports can you do about it? If you want to lose weight but you have a busy routine every day, maybe the sport you can do is run. For those of you who are newbies, there are some things to consider in doing this sport to get maximum results but not too heavy in doing so.

If you want to get maximum results for example to lose weight, you must exercise regularly every day. Exercise in addition to getting fitness and slim body can also strengthen your muscles and bones, besides running is also good for your heart health.

But running is also not something magical that can turn you into a slim in a day and night. According to some previous research, for people who have difficulty making sport a regular routine, then you can do it in the morning before you leave for work or school.

This is a good idea because in the morning the air is still fresh so you can breathe fresh air. Doing exercise in the morning also will not disturb your busyness in the office or school and you can do it regularly every morning because in the morning after you wake up it would not be busy that collided with this.

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To date there is still no significant scientific evidence of running time and the number of calories burned. But if running done with a routine as well as supported with other healthy lifestyle then more or less within one month you will feel the benefits.

Here below you will get more information about running tips for beginners to lose weight.

Running to Lose Weight

Running to lose weight can be done by doing a run regularly in the morning. You also have to pay attention to some aspects to lose your weight, besides you do run regularly, you also have to adjust your diet.

If you do run regularly but after that you eat everything you want then it could be running you do it is useless because the calories burned is not proportional to the calories you eat. Running regularly is also not easy and many obstacles you will face.

Maybe you will run a few times diligently, but after more than a week maybe you will feel bored and lazy to run again in the morning. For those of you beginners, you can start running in the morning for 15 minutes then increase every day.

Here below you will get more tips so you do not feel bored and saturated in doing running.

1. Take the Right Foot Foundatio

When you do a morning run, try to wear sports shoes, because if you run only by using sandals or anything then your feet will hurt the next day. Therefore use running shoes to keep your feet awake.

When running try your feet do not tread perfectly as people walk, but the foundation of your feet with half a dozen. This allows your body to support part of it and continue with the other foot.

When you set foot on your toes then you have done the right running position and you will not feel pain in the soles of your feet the next day.

On the contrary, if the position of your feet when tread is not right, then most likely you will experience sore on the soles of the feet so the next day you will feel lazy to run early in the morning.

2. Set Your Breath

Setting your breath is one of the important things in running. Try to breathe by using your nose and closing your mouth. It also works to train your abdominal muscles and your heart. Therefore, people who routinely run will have a healthier heart condition.

3. Duration in Exercise

Duration in exercise is an important thing that you should pay attention to. Before starting to run, try to warm up for 5-10 minutes. After heating, as a beginner you can run for 15 minutes (if you strong run more than 15 minutes then welcome).

After you finish running, do the cooling by walking for 5-10 minutes and do not forget to drink plenty of water to replace your lost body fluids during running.

On the second day and so on, always increase your running duration because the more you often run then the body will adapt so that if you run in the same duration then the calories you burn will be less each day.

Therefore, you have to get rid of by increasing the duration or by carrying loads like barbells and so on depending on your creativity and ability.

Running Program for Wight Loss

Running program for weight loss can be done as recommended above. There are only a few extra points that after running you try to drink lots of water and not directly eat with large portion. Try to eat with the usual portion.

Better yet, if you multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables and eat less snack or oily food and that contain lots of glucose. In addition, if you do run on the weekend or on a holiday, try to rest sufficiently (not in a long time).

Because if you run for 45 minutes but after that you rest and do not do anything for hours (more than 3 hours) then the calories you burn will not mean anything because you have been resting in a long time.

Better to keep doing activities even though holidays, such as gardening, a walk to the mall, play with your pet, clean the house and so forth.

Now you already know about running tips for beginners to lose weight. You can apply it in your daily life. Let’s change the healthy lifestyle from now on. Good luck!