6 Satisfying Weight Loss Tips for Obese Women

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WEIGHT loss tips for obese women. It is a very interesting topic for some people who feel discouraged because of their body shape. If you are included and still in the middle of looking for the answers, then you come into the right page.

The key of losing weight is actually laying on finding the suitable method that you could keep on doing frequently. Therefore, this article will give you various methods you could choose to lose some weight.

  1. Breakfast

Based from several studies, having foods with high protein for breakfast could help the body feel full and would not cause the hungry feeling to occur fast. It is even better if you have food in solid and warm serving.

Some people who already practice this method also lose their weight since they fill their stomach in the morning and lessen the night consumption. However, it does not mean that you should start with a pile of foods every morning.

Other researches showed that giving the body small portion every time you took meal is much more effective. For example, you have three times of big meals every day.

Start from now; consider having four until five times meal in a day with much smaller portion to eat. Do not skip the breakfast since it is the first source of strength you gain throughout the day.

Weight loss tips for obese women

high protein breakfast foods

  1. Plan of replacing the meal

An obesity specialist, Ken Fujioka, suggest that eating regular meal every day and change the others for soups, bars or even special shakes is a very good thing to do. You will see the satisfying result if you keep doing this plan regularly during at least 6 months.

It is also a good choice if you cook your meals by yourself. You can adjust all ingredients so that it would not ruin your diet program.

For example, if you want to bake fish, you can use the olive oil or make it as barbeque with ground turkey style. It will be more efficient to make sure that all foods go to your belly has no suspicious ingredients or even way of cooking that will mess your effort up.

  1. Be a smart buyer

Actually, your effort of losing weight is not about how you control what kinds of foods you chew only, but also how would you arrange kinds of food that you would keep in the kitchen.

In other words, it started when you are in the groceries. Make a grocery list at first and avoid any bulk stores. It will prevent you from buying unimportant ingredients that could lead to overeating.

Always remember not to make stocks of foods that will tempt you. It will be useless. Even for example, you save a bucket of ice cream as a test or just an emergency since you really love it.

When you feel that your desire to eat the ice cream could not be helped anymore, your mind will automatically think, it is not that bad to just have a scope. But, you would not realize, that one scope will grow bigger and bigger in your belly.

  1. How to place your foods

The first time you decided to lose some weight, it means that you need to mind how you store your foods as well. Do not place any kinds of foods that are bad for your diet process in the spots that makes you easy to find.

Instead, place healthy foods in the area that is very easy to see and reach. In your refrigerator, do not put the fruits and vegetables in a drawer; instead put them on your eye level.

It is to make yourself prompted to pick them rather than anything else once you open the door. It is better to change the snacks supply as well. Empty the areas when you usually placed your ice cream, chips, junk foods, candy bars and so on.

Change them with protein bars, low fat string cheese, shakes or celery sticks with PB2 (a kind of peanut butter with lower fat).

  1. Train your muscle

Losing weight is not only considering what you arrange to eat, it also means what kind of effort your muscles do to chase all the fat away. If you are not familiar with any kinds of workout, you could start it with the simplest choice. Take a walk or jogging at least for 15 minutes every day.

After a week, add the duration becomes 30 minutes. It is also good to add the workout such as having squat jam. If your muscle finally get used to have hard work, it will be better for you to start the cardio or lifting heavyweight.

It is very helpful to burn your body fat. If you are a type of person who likes to have one rest day during the other six full workout days, you should not lay around lazily. Keep giving your body things to do such as hike or even yoga.

When you do not feel to do it, you could use your favorite music to bring the mood on as well. Turn it up and have a happy time on listening to the music while your body is dancing or playing the hula hoop.

However, having workout does not mean that you could pity yourself. Just because you work a little harder, you do need to make it as an excuse to give a present to yourself.

Never let an opinion such as, “I am doing very great today. It would not be a big trouble to have two scoops of ice cream as a reward right?”

  1. Be friendly with the pool

If you never familiar with pool then you need to start getting used to it. Swimming is one sport that could be the best activity to lose weight if you do it properly and consequently. The movement in swimming involved all body parts to move.

Moreover, it performs great effect to burn the calories. For other superiority, you will have cardio as well as muscle building only by having this simple activity.

Indeed, this method could be the best weight loss tips for obese women. Thank you for your attention to this article.

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